Become a
Heart Re-Starter.


Our point of difference is that we believe it is important to have a Medical First Response Plan that maintains a readiness lifecycle to ensure communities can remain ready to respond.  

This includes the support of our alliance partners to promote and grow Ambulance Service AED registers and establishing coordinated GoodSAM® Community Responder groups.

GoodSAM® provides a technology solution to establish communities of volunteer responders to provide basic life support to those nearby in cardiac arrest while an ambulance is en route.  

Once a volunteer has received certified CPR training, they can become a CFRA GoodSAM® responder.  Responders can register with the GoodSAM® App that sits in the background of their phone.  When an ambulance service receives a 000 call in relation to a likely cardiac arrest it will automatically trigger an to alert the nearest GoodSAM® responders so they can respond if they are able to do so.

We believe that it is also critical to integrate community responders with an end to end a readiness lifecycle of training, equipment and service life.  

That is a readiness lifecycle that supports:

  • High quality training in first aid, CPR and related topics helps provide confidence as well as can be conducted in a manner that can assist reinforce community response.
  • The deployment of equipment in appropriate locations, signage in circumstances of public access as well as having a register in social, cultural, sporting and business settings is important.  
  • Regular servicing of equipment that is vital to it being available and ready to use when required.