We offer a range of defibrillator, first aid and emergency response related equipment that are portable and advanced technology.  Our product range is not brand specific, and we will work with you to source the products that best suit our customers specific needs.  The sample defibrillation products include but are not limited to:

  • CellAED®
    CellAED® is your handheld, smart, personal defibrillator, for use together with CPR, in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest – bridging the gap until Emergency Services arrive.

  • HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350/360/500P
    HeartSine Samaritan AED is connected, intuitive and cost-effective, ensuring the AED is simple to manage and ready to use by any first responder.

  • Zoll AED Plus and AED 3
    Zoll defibrillators lead the way with Real CPR Help® technology, which provides real-time feedback to guide rescuers in delivering high-quality CPR. 

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