It is also critical to the CFRA that we build and nurture our key alliances with organisations that enable us to work in partnership to meet our goals and objectives.

Our key alliance partners include state ambulance services such as Ambulance Victoria, Victoria University, GoodSAM® UK, ABC Training, various Local Government Authorities as well as other community and industry organisations. 


Ambulance Victoria

We are very fortunate to have received support from Ambulance Victoria to work within their framework including supporting and augmenting their   defibrillator registers,  training GoodSAM® responders and supporting community health initiatives such as Restart a Heart Day.


Victoria University

Victoria University and CFRA have agreed to cooperate to provide CPR and First Aid training to paramedic students and to organise and schedule paramedic placements for students to coach bystander CPR and AED use to schools and community groups as part of their community placements.


ABC Training

CFRA is a training partner with  ABC Training (RTO3399).  This allows CFRA to  provide nationally recognised training  for personal, sports, professional and first aid purposes.

Utilising our real life emergency response experience, the courses are scenario base and contextualised to your environment, and aligned with ambulance response processes. 


Customised Training

Backed by trainers with real life response experience, CFRA offers customised courses targeting areas of interest such as paediatric and older persons first aid.


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