About Us

CFRA supports the highest level of community based medical first response.   Medical emergency first response is not intended as a substitute for appropriate professional medical care.  Rather, it provides support that improves the chain of survival during what can be the critical time between an incident and the arrival of emergency services.
We are very fortunate to have received support from Ambulance Victoria to work within their framework to support their registers for defibrillators and an agreement to work with GoodSAM® UK.

We assist communities establish an environment that provides people with the confidence to recognise a medical emergency, communicate with emergency services, act in a manner that is safe and treat a patient until emergency services arrive to takeover.
Communities may range from households; streets; social, cultural or sporting clubs; schools; businesses and Local Government Authorities.

Readiness Lifecycle

Our vision encourages a culture that welcomes diversity and acceptance, activates community plans in a manner consistent with broader critical incident response and maintains readiness via the lifecycle of high-quality training, equipment & service.

Our Team

We place a significant emphasis on social responsibility, transparency of governance and diverse experience specifically relevant to our vision and purpose.  

Our team has a range of experience including in the areas of emergency response operation and despatch, health services, defibrillation equipment as well as in business and finance.

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